Convention 2021

Icon Almoners Report to 105SC Convention March 2021.pdf - PDG Ron Twining

Icon Minutes of the 105SC AGM 11 Apr 20-1.pdf

Convention Reports

DG Team

Icon District Governor Report 20th March 2021.pdf - DG Steve Petty

Icon 1st Vice District Governor Convention Report.pdf - 1VDG Brian Donovan

Icon 2nd Vice District Governor Convention Report.pdf - 2VDG Lion David Ebsworth

District Admin Team

Resolution No 1 Proposed by District Cabinet - PDG David Taylor

Icon Data Protection Compliance Officer.pdf - PDG John Goodchild 

Icon District Secretary.pdf - PDG Peter Burnett

Icon Report to Convention and Resolutions 2021.pdf - Treasurer, Lion Tim Hanton

Final accounts for 2019-20 may be downloaded from the District website. They were delayed this year due to the pandemic.

Icon Convention Report.pdf - PDG Patrick Hamlin

Icon Membership report.pdf - PDG Alan Chapman

Zone Chairs Reports

Icon Zone A.pdf - Lion Roger Stratton 

Icon Zone B.pdf - Lion Angie Fawcett

Icon Zone C.pdf - Lion Sandra Manktelow

Icon Zone D.pdf - Lion Colin Mansell

Icon Zone E Convention.pdf - Lion Ian Hambleton

Icon Zone F.pdf - Lion David Murray

Icon Zone G.pdf - Eric Warner 

Icon Zone H.pdf Zone H Report - Lion Yorky Tuke

Icon Zone I Report.pdf - Lion Barrie Haynes

Icon Zone K.pdf - Lion Robert Armstrong-Collett

Icon Zone L.pdf - Lion Allan Murphy

Club Development Committee

Icon GAT Report.pdf - DG Steve Petty

Icon GLT Report pdf - Lion Mike Baker

Icon GMT Report.pdf - PDG Jarvis MacDonald

Icon GST Report.pdf - Lion Judith Goodchild

Project Portfolios Reports

Communications Portfolio – Lion Tom Sayers 

PRO Richard Keeley and I continue to work to further improve the information available to Cabinet Officers and clubs. Much more information can be accessed once logged-in. The District Directory is a good example but various documents and forms are available, such as Insurance documents maintained by Insurance Advisor Jo Hamblin and Financial Information maintained by Treasurer Tim Hanton. 

This year’s Convention website is simply and gives comprehensive information and links to an online booking form.  

The District 105sc Sentinel newsletters, ably edited by Peter Tabb, are uploaded to the website each month and appear on a ‘Lions year’ page with District 105D archives going back to 2006. The latest issue of the Sentinel is featured on the Home page with a thumbnail image and link to the PDF file. There is now a similar thumbnail image and link to the Council Chairman’s Newsletter.  

The Clubs page of the website is a database of club information such as the names of the officers, meeting dates/venues and links to the club website and contacts together with Zone and Region data. Club secretaries may login and update ‘their page’ to add/edit details of meetings and venues etc. It features a map of our District showing 105sc clubs. Do periodically check that the information is up to date. 

We have a great resource in our website and I urge you all to get involved in using it, promoting it and improving it. 

The baddies of the web haven’t lost any time in exploiting the Corona Virus scare – there are ‘helpful’ emails giving the latest advice, but click on links or open attachments at your peril – they will give your PC a nasty virus. 

Tom Sayers –

Icon Marketing & PR.pdf - Lion Richard Keeley

Icon Insurance.pdf - Lion Jo Hamblin

Icon Social media support.pdf - Lion Dave Rose

Icon Brain Tumour Research.pdf - Lion Sandra Manktelow

Icon International Relations.pdf - Lion Barrie Richardson

Icon Dentaid.pdf - PDG Roger Huntley

Icon Peace Poster Competition.pdf - Lion Frances Bond

Icon LCIF.pdf - Ann Huntley

Icon Prostate Cancer.pdf - 2VDG Dave Ebsworth

Icon YA and YLiS.pdf - Lion Yorky Tuke

Icon Community Relations.pdf - Lion Iain Pudney